About us

Non-profit organization INKUBÁTOR KOMÁRNO – centrum pre podporu činností podnikateľov, n.o. was founded in 2011 to provide services supporting the regional development and employment and also guidance and information services. The company is performing its activities in the territory of Slovakia and also in foreign countries because of developing a mutual cooperation with foreign organizations.
The main aim of a business incubator is innovation. For this reason, traditional office services will be replaced by elements of services that provide real help to already operation and also beginning enterpreneurs.

For this purpose, the incubator will provide the community services freely available to any interested parties which will be mainly the following activities:

  1. the support of building cross-border partnerships, networks and the improvement of business information flow
  2. advisory, mediation, advertising and consulting activities
  3. organizational activities
  4. services providing support of regional development and employment, information about employment
  5. services providing guidance in the elaboration of business projects contributed from national and EU funds
  6. provision of central services in the field of economic and personnel administration, office services, marketing and promotion, conference services and educational programs focusing on enterprises
  7. support of activities in the field of preparation of plans, studies and organization of trainings


Dotazník: Zriadenie podnikateľských inkubátorov pre MSP prihraničného regiónu v duchu návratu k prírode

Dotazník: Využitie OZE pre výrobu tepelnej a elektrickej energie

Vyplnený dotazník prosím zašlite na e-mail adresu info@inkubatorkomarno.sk

Dry Fermentation Biogas, n.o.

Výročné správy n.o.

Zriadenie podnikateľských inkubátorov pre MSP prihraničného regiónu v duchu návratu k prírode - Vállalkozói Inkubátorházak létrehozása a határmenti régiók kis és középvállalkozói részére visszatérés a természethez szellemében

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