The mission of the nonprofit organization INKUBÁTOR KOMÁRNO – Centrum pre podporu činností podnikateľov, n.o. is the establishment of a business incubator, which will serve as a comprehensive institution for the entrepreneurs of the region and the general public providing technological, technical, organizational, information and advisory services.

Main functions of the business incubator in Komárno:

1. Information service

The supplier shall have the Access to the databases, should be involved in the databases, receive practical assistance to marketing activities, and should get to the legal, financial, technical and market information.

2. Guidance

In the general and special cases – in the close connection with information services – an internal or external expert from the office or an external organization can be available to help. Types of services: legal, administrative, business and accounting services. Special emphasis is placed on environmental protection, including the possibility of using renewable energy sources and authoritative guidance to entrepreneurs and other interested parties. Another important area is the provision of expert guidance to small cooperatives functioning in the areas – biological economy, controlled bio-economy, biological protection of plants and others. One of the main areas is the development of international relations.

3. Qualification

For entrepreneurs will be organized training and qualification courses with potential or regular character. The main aim focuses on the target groups with the result to present the success of these trainings and courses for small and medium enterprises. Main training areas: business management, energy use and management – especially the use of renewable resources, with emphasis on their beneficial potential.

4. Material services

The entepreneur can use a technical help from the Office like fax, telephone, PC, photocopier, etc. This help is very important because most of the enteprices do not have the mentioned facilities and without them is the entepreneur getting into the disadvantage right at the beginning of his business.



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