About the project HUSK/1101/1.1.1/0361

It is known that the situation of SMEs in both regions is characterized by several problems: the predominance of small businesses with weak competitiveness and low innovation potential. A solution could just be the establishment of planned incubators that would provide so called incubation for start-up SMEs, while utilizing their preferred location. Nagykovacsi is located near the capital city, using all the advantages of it. Komárno is the border region, it has always been the link between the two countries. The planned bridge linking Komárno and Komárom can have a huge impact for developing the partnership and economic life of the regions. The business incubator will be built near the planned bridge, thus creating favorable conditions for the establishment of an industrial park.

The first incubators were established in Hungary in the years 1992-93, while today there are about 40. In Slovakia they started to be built only from 2002. Comparing their dimensions with international they are small, however their usage is too high. In most of the cases they support only general business operations. The rent of realities is used, but there the information network is missing or at low level. Providing databases, education, guidance, establishment of partnerships, monitoring EU funds, project management are promoted slowly. The support of technology transfer is rare, research services occur exceptionally. Cooperation networks and foreign partnerships are also missing. Institutions do not have sufficient financial coverage to start a business (pre-seed), or initial capital. On the other hand, the incubators planned by the project offer a wide range of different services (financing projects from EU funds and state funds, technology transfer, innovation) as a public service. By this time no incubator has been established in these regions. Therefore, their construction will have a huge impact on the development of the region.
Socio-economic problems in the border area reflects high unemployment and also the limited offer of job opportunities in these territories. Implementation of cross-border project will have a positive impact on the economic growth of both regions. The lack of support for small and medium-sized enterprises is a major problem in both areas, therefore there is the claim for the establishment of incubators from the side of entrepreneurs. Implementation of the project meets these claims. On the Slovak side are the target group mainly entepreneurs in industry, on the Hungarian side of small fruit farmers. The institutions due to their different areas of specialization are complementary and enable SMEs to use the services of business incubators across the border. Implementation of the project is reducing unemployment and increasing opportunities for SMEs. It allows the establishment of new companies on both sides of the border. Established incubators will be available for business partners from the region through joint workshops, guidance, hall rental and so on. Successful business will positively affect the economic situation of the border area, create new jobs, increase the purchasing power of the population of the border region, increase the consumption and thus the claim for the further development of production.
Main aims and objectives of the project

The main aim of the project is to improve the conditions of the business environment in the border area and to support the local small and medium enterprises and the decrease of unemployment.

The specific goals are:

  • establishment of incubators in the regions of both partners
  • increase of the competitiveness of SMEs in the border regions
  • to strengthen the cooperation in the border region in the field of economics, and building partnerships

Main activities of the project

Organization of Joint Events

This activity means the organization of conferences, workshops and also the meetings of the project partners itself while these events significantly contribute to streghten the relations and cooperation between the project partners, also give opportunities for the cross-border cooperation between the regions of Slovakia and Hungary. These events give a perfect opportunity to engage the attention of the invited guests and potencial clients of the incubator on the main targets, activities and services which will be provided by incubator.

Publicity and Awareness

This activity includes publication of various propagation materials, which helps to set up the network about providing detailed information to interested parties about the servises which will be provided by the establishing incubator. Moreover, the interactive website will support our interests, which also help the interested parties to get into our information and consulting offices in connection with the further assistance.

Provision of Common Services

This activity represents all the activities and services which will be provided by the incubators on the both sides of the project. The incubators will cooperate together by providing quidance and other services for the wide scale of people, while the incubator of the Lead partner will be oriented rather on services and guidance for entepreneurs and companies within renewable sources of energy, public enterprise management and legal assistance and the incubator of the Cross-border partner will focus its services in the field of agriculture and economic development. In both buildings of incubators will be available one office for the project partner to present and provide their services also for cross-border clients.



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